Our Specialty / Expertise

Kaizen is an excellent one-stop-shop for local trade, international trade, stocking/warehousing, sales of raw chemicals, and a range of petrochemicals.

We set apart from the rests of our competitors due to our expertise, experiences, and talents in following ways.

Expertise #1: In Indenting

Typical indenting agent contract defines the scope of some particular activities that agency is overseeing on the behalf of the client including extended authorization, payment, and so on.
Thus, indenting agent free up clients to focus on their core activities and leaving the burden on the indenting agent for further growth of business.

Kaizen Chemicals have such indenting expertise with sourcing and marketing skills for indenting services. For instance,

  • We have years of experiences of local raw chemical supply and other relevant businesses in India
  • We have accumulated highly trained and knowledgeable team for raw chemical sales and support
  • For overseas clients, we provide dependable and efficient stocking, distribution, and marketing channels for Indian market
  • We invite only reliable and eminent overseas suppliers to offer raw material and products for a broad range of manufacturers, industries, and businesses

Kaizen Chemicals strongly represents a number of renowned raw chemical suppliers from India to promote and market their goods in foreign countries worldwide to foster long-term relationships through quality services to clients as well as suppliers across the globe.

If you are scrappy to leverage our indenting expertise for your business, particularly obtain quality services at competitive rates and commissions, arrange a virtual meeting with our indenting team quickly.

Expertise #2: Custom Knowledge

We at Kaizen have extensive knowledge of global chemical sectors including suppliers, manufacturers, processors, and retailers. We have a comprehensive list of all above mentioned components of our supply chains across the globe.

We better understand the various pitfalls, which are persisting inherently in the international supply chains. Therefore, we have the innate expertise to mitigate those issues beautifully and provide a consistent quality supply of various raw chemicals and relevant products for domestic to international markets.

For instance,

  • Regulatory Issues
  • Safety Issues
  • Pricing & Taxation

Expertise #3: In Chemicals Related Forecasting

We take care of our clients and their businesses in innovative ways. We offer them deep insights of the chemical industry trends and price forecasting services with the consideration of various factors, such as

  • Crude price fluctuations
  • International politics
  • Demand-supply scenario
  • Currency fluctuations
  • And many others

By-and-large these factors affecting raw chemical prices to a greater degree, hence final chemical products. Therefore, clients have keen interest to know the industry trends and make financial or strategic business planning based on forecasts.

  • Crude price fluctuations
  • International Politics
  • Demand-Supply Scenario
  • Currency Rates Fluctuations

Expertise #4: In Material Holding Infrastructure

Raw chemicals and finished chemical products, both cause storage, safety, and delivery problems due to fluctuations in manufacturing or supply chains. In due course, reliable and capable distributors play a vital role to manage a big inventory of chemicals in various forms.

Therefore, we at Kaizen Chemicals are offering consultancy and distribution services for effective

  • Storage
  • Discharge
  • Screening
  • Conveying
  • Dosing
  • Weighing

We offer all these for

  • Bulk goods
  • Powder components
  • Flavorings
  • Additives
  • Ultra-low quantities
  • Fluids

We assure our clients and suppliers to receive orders at a right time and in right quantity with preserved quality. Therefore, we have extensive warehousing facilities and expertise in stock control to manage inventories of our esteemed patrons and prove us as an effective extension of their supply chain operations.

Expertise #5: In Delivering Personalized Client Experiences

We treat each customer as an important segment of our business and take care of their needs for chemicals, shipping, packaging, warehousing, pricing, order size, delivery time/schedule, and overall betterments in highly personal ways.

We keep detailed records of each client for their purchase history, payment, orders, supply, and issues aroused during operations/businesses with them. We use such data for improvement of our performance and advanced services suing the upcoming technologies in the market.

Therefore, our client feels that he/she is the only client of Kaizen and king for their business. Such royal treatments win the loyalty of our patrons forever.

One-Stop Shop

In short, Kaizen Chemical is a one-stop shop to obtain raw chemicals, indenting services, adequate material holding, and leveraging the latest industrial trends as well as price forecasts to take informed decisions for the betterment of your business of any nature, but depending on raw chemicals and petrochemicals.